Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Shooting Kills Local Community Member

A random shooting killed a dear friend and member of our community yesterday. The victim was in the prime of his life.
The shooting is considered random because the killer was not killing in self-defense and did not personally know the victim.
The victim had committed no crime and the shooting was unprovoked.

The events as witnessed by our family:
First sound of the morning: male turkey making his loud gobbling call, repeatedly, for a mate.
Second sound: Loud gunshot
Third sound: Silence.
(I was meditating at the time and was very aware that the male was no longer calling, since he has been part of my morning and evening sits for a few weeks now.)
Fourth sound: Our terrified dog racing into the house. (She is afraid of the sound of gunshots.)

The killing of our friend is not easy for our family, but the loss is an opportunity to embrace the concepts of impermanence and non-attachment.

We will miss this wonderful member of our community.
There will be no investigation into the murder since the killer was within his legal rights.

This morning no turkey calls…. Just the sound of the cardinals and a few owls.


  1. Oh!

    I am SO sorry!

    ((Hugs)) of healing and peace to you, dear angel.