Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Mint On the Pillow

(from left to right: Bean, Me, Taylor, Crystal)

We are with the whole pack. Adena and her two dogs, Taylor and Crystal.
They welcomed us with open arms and paws.
No mint on the pillow, but plenty of wet dog noses instead.
We will be here in Ann Arbor until Adena's house sale finalizes and we can finish helping her pack it all up.

Then Bean having an affair with Adena:

Jim and Lydia came to visit and have dinner.......we all laughed so hard we were getting "the look" from the other booths...hmmmm, was it our laughing or the ever present event happening on Lydia's head? She signs her email "big hugs, not big hair". I thought that the Vegetarian Summerfest should have put her hair on the schedule as an event.
Wherever she travels people ask to have their photo taken with her. This sweet little cross between a model, a chia pet and and cousin It also happens to be one of the best vegan bakers around.

Lydia has had an affinity for all creatures for her entire life. But when you combine this with her girly girl-ness, you get someone who, if you wrote a book about her, you would have to call it fiction because no one would believe it otherwise. As a teenager she took her pet boa to the vet because he was sick. The vet kept questioning her about what she was feeding the snake. She kept insisting she wasn't feeding the snake anything weird. The vet eventually figured out that the snake was swallowing bubbles during his regular bubble baths and told Lydia to stop bathing her snake. Crazy kid. Jim's claim to fame is the Vidalia onion and Yukon Gold potato.....they are on your grocer's shelf because of him.

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