Monday, July 27, 2009

Yellow Springs Ohio

If I were a flat farmland kind of person and if I wanted to live in Ohio and if there was more wild space there and if I werent loving life on wheels: I WOULD LIVE IN YELLOW SPRINGS OHIO!

And here is why:
Giant Arts Community.
Progressive as Portland OR.
Tiny as a little podunk town.
Biggest delightful traffic issue: bikes everywhere.
The Sedona of the East (according to the rawfoodbar guy there....who also happens to sell everything related to the vortex in the Yellow Springs Gorge)
Great Food.
Magical springs with waterfalls and deep pools.
Every single person we met is peaceful and happy and gives the BIG hello.

wouldnt you want to live in a town where the benches are mosaiced and the utility poles are all knitted over?

We camped on the lush green Antioch College campus....and just outside our window was this grafitti...PERFECT...

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