Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gratitude for the Healing Forest

(find the salamander in this photo)

Still in the Allegheny National Forest...

A slow sweet day in the national forest spot we are calling home for a few weeks.
I watched a mucky pond for hours with Bean. Bull frogs, miniature eels(?), silver and golden fish, tadpoles…..
I had been wondering how she could spend so much time staring at this pond. I soaked in the clear creek next to the pond and then joined her. I figured I would check it out briefly and then walk back to our little home on wheels. But I couldn’t stop watching all the creatures who kept coming to the surface.
I got as obsessed as Bean….
She occasionally stopped and looked up at me or came over to my corner to see what I was staring at and she might be missing. We were pond mucking partners….
All this after a long deep nights sleep.
The forest is healing all the tiredness and all the stress that my body and heart have held for far too long.

Brown basmati rice is on the little stove cooking…
JC is outside in his little chair reading the wild edibles book.
He was sitting there reading it an hour ago when I walked up with an armload of wild mushrooms (chicken of the woods)….our dinner.

My daily mantra: “What is all that stuff we have back there in storage?”
Our camper is twenty feet long by 8 feet wide. Two adults, two dogs and more storage space than we need. We use fewer than a third of the clothes we brought and half of the office supplies. So what the heck is all that stuff stacked to the gills in the storage unit in Athens? I ask myself this everyday.

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