Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Primate Super Healing!

We are Northeast of Payson AZ in the Tonto National Forest.  Parked here in a spot for the night that only has the sound of the wind in the trees.  We get to an area and clean up any trash left by other folks camping there.  Most of what we find is shotgun shells, fast food containers, cigarette packs and beer cans and broken beer bottles.  I think humans should have to carry waste bags for each other like we have to do for our dog companions in lots of places. 

Yesterday we hiked into a huge gorge in the Superstitions.  It was a no trail bushwacking hike where we mostly followed a creekbed down and had to do some bouldering along the way.  The hike was fantastic.  Blooming cactus and birds that were mostly unknown to me (both the sounds and the appearance).  The familiar little hummingbirds were tooling around and one was especially interested in buzzing us while we were sitting up on a ridge half way down to the base of the gorge.  I watched her buzz around us and then go land in a cactus.  Finally she landed in the big cholla cactus and stayed there.  It was then I noticed that she was sitting on one of those magical little hummingbird nests..... about the size of a golf ball.

On our hike back up the gorge, we were pawing our way up a huge boulder when JC offered his hand at the end of my climb to pull me up the last bit.  I was doing this whole thing in my wet Chaco sandals and one of them slipped on the rock and sent me flying into the boulder with JC still holding my arm.  So, with my bloody foot and what I could tell was a torn muscle inside my upper thigh, I hobbled my way back to our camper.  I could not lift my leg up enough to walk up the small stairs to the camper or take off my shorts without extreme pain.  I said to JC, "This is going to heal really fast because I eat healthy plant-based foods."  And lately I have been eating VERY healthy foods.  It is all I have been attracted to eating.  Mostly organic greens and other veggies and organic fruits and nuts.  So yesterday was the big body slam that made me wonder if I would have to cancel my upcoming backpacking trip and day of rock climbing with my New Mexico buddies.  When I got back to the camper yesterday, I rubbed arnica into my entire leg and took arnica tablets and Bach Rescue Remedy.
This morning I woke up feeling like someone had slammed me with a baseball bat.  But by mid-morning today I was able to lift my leg about 6 inches higher than the day before and went on a hike.  And by this evening I was able to do the camper stairs!  I can feel this thing healing like time lapse photography!  Even the bloody gash across my toe is almost totally healed.
So I it the healthy food?  meditating twice a day?  Yoga every other day? Or is it my attitude that assumed I was going to heal really fast?  All I know is this:  I am incredibly grateful to be 55 years old (old for a primate), slamming into a boulder with all my weight and to be hiking the next day.

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