Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Plant Peace Daily Contest!

The first person who correctly identifies ALL THREE of these objects wins the prizes! 
An assortment of PPD bumper stickers, the Plant Peace Daily Everyday Outreach book and a mystery vegan treat (last contest it was chocolate)!


  1. OK, now you get a hint:
    I found all three of the items in the Southwest USA.

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  3. Hi, Rae!
    The object on the first picture is a vertebra, but of which animal -- no clue.
    The second thing looks like it could be a plant....
    And the third is definitely a dead carcass of a cactus, the tall one (in spring, it has a little 'glade' of flowers on its top).

  4. Hey Rae :)

    The bottom picture is a dead cactus... I'm painfully familiar with dead cacti, because I once casually kicked a dead cactus while walking on a path... while wearing sandals... bad idea :) Chip had to remove it as it dangled from my toe :)

    The middle picture looks like the seed pod of the plant "devil's claw"... they hook onto the legs and feet of wandering animals, and spread their seeds that way.

    And for the top picture, I'm going with Marina on this one, a vertabra...


  5. Let's see....bovine pelvis, devils claw pod, and dried aloe vera?
    Rosemary T. Foos

  6. OK, sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone. I am in Chicago taking care of my parents and don't have wifi access for my computer in their house.
    All three of you had a piece of it. The top one is bovine vertebrate, the second one is devils claw and the third one is Cholla Cactus "bones" ...dried up dead cholla.
    So all three of you get a prize. Send me your mailing address at: rae at plantpeacedaily dot org.