Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do You See What I See?

One week ago in the Denver airport I was in a bathroom stall, the marble floors were overly polished and when I looked down I realized I could see the stalls to my right and left as if the floor was a mirror.  The woman to my right was one of those wild tissue users who pulls off enough paper to clean up an oil spill.  The woman on the left was a conservative paper user.  While noticing this, I realized that the piped in Christmas music was playing “Do you see what I see…..” 
I became the crazy person laughing in her stall, while, I am sure Ms. Big Tissue and Ms. Tiny Tissue watched me on the mirrored floor to make sure I wasn’t as crazy as I sounded.

Years ago I was traveling through Paris by bicycle.  I had left Minneapolis to travel in Europe for as long as my money held out.  I got a one-way ticket to Athens Greece and took off from there for what turned out to be many months.  I kept my apartment in Minneapolis and my Australian friend Helena was staying there before heading back to Australia.
She figured I was in Greece.  This is before the internet and she had no way to find out where I was. 
I was biking through Paris and saw a woman with a backpack and a scarf exactly like Helena’s.  It had to be her.  This woman was looking at a menu outside a restaurant.  I whispered in her ear “you can’t afford this place.”  She whipped around and we hugged.  Before heading back to Australia, she had decided to go to Paris and the UK.  In her pocket was a ticket for the ferry between France and England for the next morning.  In my pocket was a ticket for the same ferry. 


  1. Uh oh, I'd better be careful what I do in the rest room at Summerfest :-)

  2. oh gosh, I was in the Denver airport a couple weeks ago! I did not notice that! oy! I got to go to Peaceful Prairie as soon as I left there, so THAT was awesome!!! Love ya, Rae!

  3. No worries Lee, the University where Summerfest is held isn't into polished floors :)

    Jessi, I wish I was with you at Peaceful Prairie...I love all they do! I will get my butt there one day.

    Happy 2011 to both of you....have a peaceful, love-filled, dancing, laughing, productive year!